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What is the difference between Fashion and Style?

“Is there a difference?” I hear you ask. “Absolutely” I reply. Fashion is a fad. It does not last forever. Style is unique and personal.… View Post

How to find your own personal style.

Style is a way of telling people who you are. It is a way to feel good about yourself. To feel comfortable in your own… View Post

Sustainability in the Fashion industry.

Many industries are starting to take sustainability seriously, the fashion industry is one of them. And rightly so as they are one of the leading… View Post

The Selfie – is there really a way to capture the perfect picture?

What absolute moron invented the selfie? I have always disliked having my photo taken, the selfie only highlights this for me.  My face seems to… View Post

Let’s get Skin Savvy.

Are you trying your best to look after your skin but it just will not play ball? The Skin Savvy series provides a no-nonsense approach… View Post