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This blog is full of my own opinions. I am not a professional doctor, dermatologist or anything in-between. The reviews and opinions I share on knackered40.com are for information and enjoyment purposes. We are all entitled to our own opinion and if you disagree with me along the way that is absolutely fine!


This is a big one for me and the main reason I started this blog. I wanted to provide a platform for women (and men) who are tired of being influenced into buying products that are just not right for them. It is frustrating and a complete waste of money. I want to show you products that work because they actually do, not because someone is paying me to say so. I do not currently do sponsored blog posts and would not even consider doing so in the future unless it was a product I had already talked about on the blog or my social media platforms. This way, I hope knackered40.com will be a place you can trust for honesty and integrity.

Affiliate programmes.

I do use some affiliate links on knackered40. If affiliate links have been used I always communicate this on each individual post. This is a decision I spent weeks agonising over. Whilst my main goal is to be a platform that provides honesty, I also need to try and at least cover costs! I link all products I review or recommend anyway. The only difference using an affiliate link makes, is that if you were to purchase something via my link, I would receive a small commission. This would not be at an additional cost to you, I would receive the commission from the merchant.

Therefore I can retain my honest approach whilst hopefully covering some of the bills!


All content on Knackered40.com is owned by myself, Natalie Leary unless stated otherwise.

If you would like to use some of my content or quotes, I would be happy to discuss this. You can contact me at: [email protected].