Working from home styling tips.

Working from home styling tips.

We are entering a rather uncertain period due to this pesky virus. However we can still enjoy our wardrobe and styling different outfits even though we will be working from home and potentially under house arrest! We just need to get a little creative. Meet my working from home styling tips with a comfortable twist.

I have been working from home on and off for 10 years and it does come with a lot of advantages. No more commute for a start. Working from home I would save myself 3 hours a day. It also has many financial benefits. I save a fortune on public transport and buying lunches and drinks.

Having said that, you need to enter your home working day with the same routine and mindset as you would if you were going into the office. In other words, get up at your usual time, shower, get dressed and so on.

If you work from home in your P.J’s or loungewear you are not going to feel motivated and you will not be productive.

Obviously there isn’t a need to wear a full-on suit, however, dressing for the ‘home’ office still requires some effort to get you into the right mindset.

Enter my working from home styling tips….

Give jeans a miss.

For anyone who is a regular here on my blog, you will know how big my love is for jeans. They are a staple piece in my wardrobe. However, they do not provide the necessary comfort required when you are sat down for several hours, staring at a computer screen.

Therefore, I will be replacing my jeans (sob) with some smart (ish) more comfortable trousers. A great option would be these from H&M. (They have a paper bag waist too which is a big trend for spring)

Or the ones in the picture below. Both are still smart and yet both extremely comfortable to wear.

Wear lightweight and breathable shirts.

You are still going to have to do those conference calls whether we are all stuck at home or not. A shirt or blouse is still essential. However, at home, we do not have to worry about the office air conditioning blasting out freezing cold air whenever it feels like it. Therefore don’t need to wear half as many layers.

In addition, wearing a slightly Oversized option will provide you with comfort whilst still looking smart for your close up on that conference call.

Here is my top pick from the beautiful Arket.

Treat yourself to a fancy pair of slippers.

We have the main foundations now for our working from home wardrobe however, we don’t want to be wandering around the house in our semi-smart working from home outfit and just throw on our old pair of slippers.

It may be a bit ‘extra’ but I do enjoy a pair of house shoes. Like slippers but smarter. Presentable, yet comfortable.

Things have been rather rubbish of late so why not treat yourself to something useful?

My top pick can be found here.

Always put your face on.

Not just for those conference calls. For you. We are all going to feel a little strange in the upcoming months. My morning make-up routine provides me with a bit of calm. It boosts my confidence and just makes me feel a little bit better. You will feel more put together and ‘ready’ for what your new day will bring.

Whilst we do not need a full face, a no-makeup, makeup look will be perfect.

Tip: The foundation of a no-makeup, makeup look is skincare. Find my own skincare routine here.

In conclusion ……………

Whilst we cannot control how the virus affects us all, we can control how we choose to face our new reality. However temporary it may be (hopefully very temporary). We can still enjoy getting ready in the morning. We can still be professional. Just with a more comfortable smart-ish twist.

If you fancy taking a look at my ‘normal’ Capsule wardrobe, you can find it here.

I hope my working from home styling tips gives you a bit of a positivity boost. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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This is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Before all of this quarantine business, I was transitioning to a work from home job. But, because I have never worked from home before, I found that I was lounging around in my pj’s all day and didn’t end up showering until the late afternoon. And unsurprisingly, now that I’m practicing social isolation, I’m doing the same thing! Thanks for reminding me that, even when I’m stuck at home, I can still be a showered, put together person 🙂

Conchetta Jones

I love this. I used the first 3 days of the Coronavirus vacation in pj’s and no makeup. But I want to do some FB lives and get my attitude adjusted so I will use these.


This is so well timed. I have literally been wearing yoga pants for four straight days.

Lessons and Inspirations

This is a great post. Usually I work from home 1 day every 2 weeks on average. I am approaching my 3rd straight week and it is hard. I will try to go about my usual morning routine ( coffee, face, and actual clothes) to see if that improves my mood. My productivity has been fine…so far,but if this mood doesn’t improve it will not continue that way,

Sandra Ans

You gave very good tips, that actually I didn’t know till yet!
In the last 2 weeks, when I was sitting home and trying to write a blog, something was wrong and now know what – my face! You were right! Putting a face on gives me the confidence and feeling of being ready! So easy, but smart! Thank you for that! ♥

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