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Well, what a week it has been. Where do I even start? From week 3 of homeschooling hell to a hamster fiasco, an eyebrow meltdown, and a Rosacea flare-up, I can quite happily state, I am glad it is Friday.

Here’s what disasters I managed to get myself into this week …..

The Homeschool Hell.

The first week was hard, the second week was a car crash and the third week, quite frankly sucked. I have three children. Boston aged 16, Oscar aged 7 (very nearly 8), and Edih, the little madam, aged 6.

Whilst Boston can quite happily crack on with school work unaided, it’s a whole different ball game with the other two.

It seems I am expected to deliver two completely different curriculum’s, simultaniously? To two children, I might add, that have the concentration levels of a goldfish. All whilst working, trying to keep on top of the endless housework, and trying to find the time to actually go to the loo!

Can teachers drink on the job!?

The Eyebrow Meltdown.

I had what you would call a monobrow growing up. That was until the age of 16, when my dear old mum took it upon herself, to attack me with a pair of tweezers.

Whilst I may sound dramatic, I am still scarred over this experience, and my poor eyebrows have never recovered.

Not only am I very limited in actual brow hairs, but now all of a sudden the actual colour pigment in those limited brow hairs is starting to disappear.

I had the fright of my life on Tuesday morning when I caught my reflection. I initially thought, in my half-asleep state, that a brow burglar had appeared during the night and done a runner with my brows!

Luckily I had my trusted Maybelline Tattoo Brow to hand.

It is a wonderful product for anyone who’s brows have been robbed.

A peel-off tint that you apply, using the applicator brush provided, to your brow area. Leave for 3 hours (or more), then simply peel off to reveal actual brows. I often apply in the evening, after my skincare routine, and just peel off in the morning.

It’s an absolute revelation. Makes me look half decent, and saves so much time in the morning from painstakingly drawing those brows on.

Each application lasts around 3 days and I estimate you get around 15-20 uses from a tube. If you are interested you can grab yours HERE.

Did I mention it only costs £13.00!?

The Hamster Fiasco.

It is Oscar’s 8th birthday on Sunday, and the one thing he asked for, was a hamster. Now I stupidly assumed this would be a pretty easy task, that just required a quick trip to the pet shop.

Our first mistake came with purchasing the cage. Whilst we did in fact purchase the correct cage, we foolishly did not check the colour.

Upon bringing the cage home, Oscar was extremely eager to assemble it.

The cage was Pink. Now I am all for boys rocking and wearing, whatever colour they want. In fact, I encourage it. However, Oscar has other opinions, and quite frankly, all hell broke loose.

The cage was very quickly returned and exchanged for a blue one.

Our next mistake was assuming that we could actually purchase a hamster. It seems, due to lockdown, every man and his dog has decided they would like to own a small furry animal.

Imagine our terror as we traipsed from one pet shop to another, each time returning home without a bloody hamster? We were going to be in so much trouble!

Luckily we managed to track some down at Pets at home and immediately raced to collect one.

Well, I say one, we ended up with two. Named Spike and Starfish, if anyone cares to know.

Therefore, my house that I am currently a prisoner in, now contains five humans, two dwarf hamsters, one giant dog, one antisociable cat, and a Partridge in a bloody pear tree.

The Rosacea Flare-up.

I was diagnosed with Rosacea around 6 years ago, after the birth of my daughter. As if I wasn’t feeling crap enough after going through yet another childbirth, life threw in an angry skin condition too.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness, inflammation, and irritation. It can be managed, but cannot be ‘cured’.

After A LOT of research, trial, and error, I have managed to get it under control and for the most part, have happy and healthy skin.

However, it can flare up sometimes. This could be due to me trialing a new Skincare product or ingredient, which is part of my job, or it could be stress, environment, something I have eaten. The list is endless. I’m sure it flares up sometimes when I swear at the dog.

For one of the above-mentioned reasons, my Rosacea decided to make an angry appearance again this week. (I did swear at the dog about 800 times over the weekend, so it was bound to happen.)

As much as it’s not ideal, I have learnt to catch a flare-up straight away, so that I can nip it in the bud immediately. I change up my skincare routine, bringing it back to basics, and removing any actives.

In addition, I break out my secret weapon, Azelaic Acid.

An absolute powerhouse for reducing inflammation, redness, and irritation.

In fact, it takes on average of three days for this bad boy to get my flare-up under control.

I use the Paula’s Choice option which you can grab HERE. Alternatively, The Ordinary, have an excellent budget option available HERE.

See you next week …..

That’s all from me this week folks. I will be spending my weekend in loungewear, stuffing my face with food that I will absolutely regret consuming by Monday.

I hope you all get the opportunity to relax and unwind. I will see you all next week

If you fancy reading some of my skincare review rambles to while away the weekend, I have a whole host of options for you HERE.

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