Transform your skin in 28 days.

Transform your skin in 28 days.

I believe I am going to be famous after this post as I have found the Holy Grail skincare product. You know the one skincare product that does it all. Reduces fine lines, helps with acne, gives you that youthful glow. Minimises dark spots and pigmentation. It makes you look younger! There are no affiliate links or sales pitches here. Just an honest review of an amazing product. Transform your skin in 28 days **Spoiler, its an acid!**

As you are all aware now, I really look after my skin. Firstly because it is my self-care ritual. My me-time. At the end of the day when I cleanse my face and remove all of the makeup and impurities, it feels like I am also removing my burdens. The bad day I may have had. All the negatives get washed down the plughole along with that day’s makeup. It is so therapeutic. My skincare routine just makes me happy.

After that, the application of my skincare. I am looking after myself. For those 5 minutes in an evening, I am not running around after my kids or the dog. Juggling my work and life balance or trying to give my neglected husband some attention. Those 5 minutes are all about me. Not only is the skincare routine good for your skin but it can really soothe your soul!

My skin has a mind of its own.

However, My skin likes to have a bit of fun once in a while. It’s a rule-breaker you see. It seems to be perfectly happy, shines at me even and then bam. Out of nowhere, it decides to throw a tantrum.

My skin before the skincare treatment
Couldn’t have picked a worse ‘before’ pic if I tried!

Therefore one particular week not so long ago my skin was going through one of its emotional outbursts and I decided to get even.

It had become congested, oily and somewhat annoyed. I realised it needed a good acid treatment. There are several acids aka AHA’s & BHA’s I enjoy using, the cult favorite Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel being one of them. However, what was becoming apparent was I needed to get out the big guns this time. I was not playing around. 

However, our skin is temperamental and we can’t just throw acids at it willy-nilly. That’s just going to p*ss it off. I wanted to start off slowly and build up my tolerance. Therefore reducing my chance of further irritating the temperamental bugger that is my skin.

What are Acids/AHA’s?

When I first heard of AHA’s aka Acids for the face, I said to myself, “I would rather poke my eyes out with a fork than voluntarily wipe an acid all over my face” Are these people crazy!?

I imagined harsh chemicals, the smell of singed skin and my face slowly melting off. 

However, it seems I was being somewhat overdramatic yet again. AHA’s are basically a chemical exfoliant rather than a physical exfoliant. Meaning, rather than using one of those face scrubs with all the bits in, that removes dry, dead skin as you rub, AHA’s do the same job in a quick swipe.

In fact, many AHA’s can be much gentler on your skin than a physical exfoliant and provide somewhat dramatic results.

Why you should use an Acid/AHA.

Ok, we are not getting any younger and over time our skin starts to look a bit shit (Technical term). Not just the increasing lines, wrinkles and so on but the texture too. My skin can sometimes almost feel and look like leather and that is just not attractive.

In addition, our skin can be a bit dull and lifeless, making us look even older. Nobody wants that negativity in their lives.

If you too feel your skin needs a serious talking too, you absolutely need to add an AHA into your skincare routine.

AHA’s not only provide exfoliation, ridding our skin of all that dry dead rubbish that’s taken up camp on our lovely mugs, they can also reduce fine lines, brighten the complexion, improve dark spots and pigmentation and provide a much smoother skin surface.

However, we need to be careful. As much as a good AHA can quite literally transform your skin and wipe years off your complexion, it can also cause irritation.

Therefore always begin with a low strength acid. After application add a good serum that repairs the skin barrier and ALWAYS wear SPF.

Therefore, what miracle product could possibly transform your skin in 28 days!?

Elizabeth Arden 28 day peel
The Best acid treatment on the market.

Enter Elizabeth Arden 28 Day Peel.

Elizabeth Arden is not a skincare brand I have really paid much attention to. It has the type of skincare products I expected my Gran to use. Boy have I been wrong!

This particular product is an at-home facial acid peel. Building in strength from week to week. Each weekly vial contains AHAs (like glycolic acid) and PHA’s which are the next generation, new kids on the block. PHA’s are similar to AHA’s in the sense that they exfoliate away dead skin cells and remove the build-up in pores. However, PHA’s are also extremely high in antioxidants which help repair skin. A great combination when using a peel.

In addition, the wonderful Elizabeth Arden clever clogs have added even more antioxidants to protect your skin. A necessity when you are using any form of acids. Acids whilst removing the unwanted rubbish from your face can also leave it exposed to pollutants and external aggressors. In normal speak, it can leave your skin weaker and more likely to get pissed off.

You start the treatment with the phase 1 vial. Firstly pushing the yellow button at the top of the vial. This dispurses the antioxidants. After that, remove the lid and add the dropper provided and you are good to go.

Now I need to address the elephant in the room. This stuff is not cheap. It retails at £180.00. There is no denying, it is expensive. However, I did loads of research before I purchased it. In addition, I know my sh*t when it comes to skincare and therefore knew exactly what I was looking for. The reviews were amazing and the buildable treatment was exactly what I was after. In addition, I purchased the treatment from Lookfantastic Who had a 20% off promotion. Therefore bagging myself a bloody bargain!

In Conclusion.

This could quite possibly be the best skincare product I have ever used.

I am now at the end of the second-week treatment and can already confidently state the Elizabeth Arden 28 day peel is a game-changer.

I am not a photographer as you can probably see in the photos below however, I do believe you can definitely already see an improvement.

The Best skincare
The lighting is slightly different however there is a significant improvement in my skin!

So far it has been so gentle, I have not experienced any irritation and my skin already looks and feels so much better. It feels smoother, my pores are less visible, it looks healthier and dare I say it, even a little bit glowy! I cannot tell you how excited I am to move onto the next phase. I am going to walk out of this lockdown a new woman!

If you would like to transform your own skin you can purchase the Elizabeth Arden 28 day peel here.

I will write another blog post at the end of my 28-day treatment giving a full review so make sure you check back. I have a feeling it will be a ‘glowing’ review (see what I did there!?)

Whilst we are all at home, feeling uneasy and uncertain due to current circumstances we should use this time to look after ourselves a bit. We have quite literally been forced to slow down and stay at home. Let’s use this extra time for us. On self-care. You would be amazed at how a good skincare treatment can not only boost your complexion but your mood too.

Want to know more about me? Check out this post.

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I’m loving your content! Super informative! I’m nearing 40 and need the real skinny on beauty in my life, not some marketing telling me what I need!!!
Thank you!!!

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