Botox in a bottle.

Niod FECC review

Yep. I am calling it. I know we have heard this time and time again. I have been fooled by this catchy claim and been left feeling rather disappointed and absolutely out of pocket.

Now, when a product is described to me as ‘botox in a bottle’ I do the usual eye roll. As if, right? Everyone knows this just does not exist. If you were to say there really is botox in a bottle, I would eat my hat.

Well I eat my hat I tell you, because I have only gone and found it!!

Whilst I personally have not had Botox (I don’t have anything against it, just not felt the need, yet) I cannot 100% say that this powerhouse product will give you the exact same results.

However, it’s as near as damn it!

Niod FECC – The Claim.

Right, Niod is amazeballs. I am not afraid to say, it is in my top 5 skincare brands. The science, the performance, the innovation. It all speaks to me. Whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

However, why do they use descriptions for their products that you need a Ph.D. to decipher!?

I think the reason it has taken me so long to jump on the Niod bandwagon is because I don’t understand a bloody word they say.

Therefore, I spent some time learning the Niod lingo so that I may translate all the amazing benefits to us mere mortals.

FECC stands for Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate. Very fancy title, I know, but what does that even mean!?

It’s an eye serum. It may sound all fancy and sciency, but it’s an eye serum.

However, this eye serum has 28 different technologies to fight the visible signs of aging. 28! All in this tiny little vial.

Whilst I don’t have the time or the energy to list all 28, and I am sure you don’t have the patience to read all 28, here are the highlights:

  • Targets visible aging on BOTH upper AND lower eyelids.
  • Improves the look of dynamic lines, static lines, and superficial lines (often due to dehydration)
  • Targets the loss of elasticity, dark circles, puffiness.

The FECC basically claims to do it all. To Target any issue you may be experiencing around your eye area. If that’s not enough, Niod claims that you will notice a positive, visible result, in just 3 days!!??

However, are these outlandish claims true!?

Lets get real.

My eye area was the first place to start showing the first signs of aging.

Whilst I have not experienced lots of fine lines or wrinkles, they were starting to make an appearance. Yet that’s not where my issue lay.

I have experienced a loss of elasticity. With hooded eyes already, that hood seemed to be getting much more pronounced, and somewhat droopy.

At one point I was afraid that hood would droop that much, I would need to sellotape my skin to my eyebrows for fear of not being able to see.

I have tried an array of ‘firming’ eye creams. Some just ok, many rather disappointing. So when I finally learned Niod speak and deciphered the description, I popped this little gem straight into my basket. (On next day delivery of course)

I have been using the FECC for around 3 weeks now, and I find the results absolutely remarkable.

The two most significant noticeable results for me have been the plumping action I get with this, and also the reduction in dark circles.

My eye area is firmer, more youthful, and I have found I need to use a lot less concealer to cover those dark circles.

I look awake. I don’t look exhausted all the time (even though I often feel it)

I am astounded every time I wake in the morning at just how plump, bright, and perky my area looks.

I need this for my whole face. I need Niod to make this exact formula, but sell it in a larger bottle so that my whole complexion may also benefit.

A 15ml bottle is priced at £43.00, so not exactly bargain basement, but a bloody good price for the results.

I use only two drops to cover the whole eye area, therefore the serum will last a good amount of time.

With sensitive eyes, I have not experienced any irritation. In fact, quite the opposite. I find the FECC both hydrating and nourishing. Yet it has such a light formula that immediately soaks into the skin.

The Niod FECC is on a whole other level to anything I have tried before. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I will repurchase forever. I literally can no longer live without it.

If your eye area is starting to look at little haggard, you absolutely need this.

** I am not a professional. Nor do I own any qualifications related to beauty. I am also not a chemist. I am a rather haggard mum with over 20 years experience in skincare and makeup. Think of me as a friend who likes to offer advice whether you care for it or not!**

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Sarah Jäggi

Hi ?‍♀️ thanks for the great reviews! Love your blog!
May I ask how you incorporated this into your normal skin regime? Has it replaced other items or so you use it in addition?
Many thanks and look forward to reading all your future reviews!!

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