Alpha H Vitamin B Serum – 2 Minute Review.

Alpha H Vitamin B serum review

What is it?

This vitamin B serum is packed full of Niacinamide and Copper Tripeptides to protect the skin from external aggressors and prevent the signs of aging. Priced at £25.00 for a 25ml bottle, you can grab yours here.

About the brand.

An Australian owned brand “considered global leaders in corrective and preventative skincare.

A science-based brand with a minimal effort approach to skincare regimes and over 20 years of experience. They really know what they are doing!

What does the brand have to say?

“This powerhouse serum delivers a serious dose of B vitamins alongside complementary ingredients such as Copper Tripeptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help bring a more radiant appearance to even the most devitalised skins.”

  • “Niacinamide and Panthenol enhance skin’s barrier function”
  • “Copper Peptides promote collagen production to firm and smooth the skin”
  • “Hyaluronic Acid adds hydration”
  • “Chia Seed Extract helps to prevent water loss”
Just look at that colour!

What do you need to know?

  • What is it used for: Niacinamide, AKA, vitamin B, is a fantastic skincare ingredient that provides a multitude of benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory, can reduce pore size, regulates oil production, helps skin to retain moisture, protects against external aggressors and so much more.
  • Consistency and Texture: The consistency of this serum is quite viscous and has a slight tackiness to it. It is the most beautiful aqua blue colour and feels really hydrating when applied.
  • Does it play nice with other products: Yes, I have not noticed any issues and have used it with several other products.
  • Smelly?: Yes. It does not contain any fragrance which is great for sensitive skin sufferers however, it does pong a bit. Smells quite earthy and took a bit of getting used to.
  • Non-Comedogenic?: Yes, this serum will not clog your pores.
  • Any Irritation?: No. This does not contain any known irritants

Who is it for?

  • Suitable for all skin types and ages. A good all-rounder.

Is there a cheaper alternative?

There are cheaper Niacinamide serums out there, however, having tried a substantial amount of them, I believe this serums ingredient list and performance is far superior to the current alternatives on the market.

Is it worth the money?


What do we think?

Well my first impressions were mixed with this one.

I loved the packaging, and the colour of the serum is so beautiful.

It applies like a dream, easily blended accross the skin and felt so hydrating.

However, that smell! Initially, I was thrown by the pong. It is rather pungent! Luckily it does subside and after 5 minutes or so you cannot smell it at all.

The second time I tried it, again the scent was really quite off-putting and I questioned whether I would continue to use it.

I am so glad I persisted!

After a week’s use, I noticed such a difference in my complexion. My pores had pretty much disappeared and my skin tone was much more even.

I use the Alpha H Vitamin B serum in the evening and wake to a bright, even, and healthy complexion.

Regardless of the scent, this serum is something I will continue to use and will absolutely repurchase.

If you are in the market for a good all-rounder that can help with a variety of skin complaints I highly recommend this one.

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Have a lovely day.

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