Sustainability in the Fashion industry.

Sustainability in the Fashion industry.

Many industries are starting to take sustainability seriously, the fashion industry is one of them. And rightly so as they are one of the leading industries having a negative impact on the environment and we are helping to fuel this. In fact, the fashion industry is the third highest-polluting industry in the world.

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Now do not fear, I am not saying we should stop buying clothes and take up knitting our own. I can’t knit for sh*t so I would be screwed! What we can do, however, is get a bit wiser, stop impulse buying and make better decisions when it comes to our wardrobes.

For instance, what do you actually wear 90% of the time? We are all creatures of habit. I know for a fact that if I could only take 3 items of clothing with me to a desert island it would be, jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. I live in this combo in the summer (let’s face it, we need a jacket most of the time, even in summer) In winter I mix it up a bit and add a jumper underneath that blazer! 

However I will look at other outfits and options, the floaty floral dresses, the silk skirts, and I think why not step out of my comfort zone. Then I buy the things, never wear them, shove them in the back of my wardrobe until I eventually throw them out. This cycle has to stop. Not only to help the environment but to help my poor bank balance too.

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Now my wardrobe is literally buckling under the weight of my wares and getting ready in a morning seems such a chore. I am overwhelmed with all the options. Sometimes I say to myself “where does all my money go”!?

I know, I too believe I may be a bit stupid!

And it seems many of us are reaching this conclusion. So many influencers and bloggers are starting to question the impact our shopping habits are having on the world. All starting to advocate staple wardrobe choices over ‘fast fashion’. Therefore, the Capsule wardrobe popularity is on the rise.

If you too are interested, find my own Capsule wardrobe attempts here:

We can all start making more informed decisions when it comes to our wardrobe purchases. Let’s change our mindset. Really think about a purchase, and ask yourself “am I going to wear this item at least 50 times?”.

If you honestly believe the answer is yes, do it! However, if the answer is no, be brave, and walk away.

In addition, if we all adopt this new mindset, we could literally change the world. (Or at least have a positive impact on Sustainability in the fashion industry.)

Above all this small change can have a big impact on your own life and save you so much time. Another positive step towards simple living.

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